Advertising & Sponsorships Policy.

Our goal at Health Infa Media is to be your most reliable advertising resource when it comes to improving your physical and mental well-being. You can count on us to deliver authoritative, relatable, and practical knowledge to help you and your family achieve optimal health. Health Infa Media adheres to strong editorial and medical principles to assure the truth, currency, and clarity of its content and experiences. Advertisements are sold on Health Infa Media domains, which include its websites, applications and social media accounts as well as those of its partners. Be assured that our editorial independence is unwavering. Sponsors are not allowed to have any effect on the editorial content of Health Infa Media except for broad topic categories. Health Infa Media may, from time to time, collaborate with our advertisers to produce co-branded or branded material, or deliver sponsored content. Sections 5 and 6 below detail this information, which is always properly identified.

Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in advertising on Health Infa Media. We adhere to the following rules when it comes to advertising:

First, we look at the advertising commercials.

Because of this, we have complete control over what kinds of advertising are allowed to run across Health Infa Media platforms. At any time and for any reason, we have the right to refuse, cancel, or delete any advertising you place with us. We will notify the advertiser as soon as possible if an ad is rejected, cancelled, or removed, along with an explanation of why. Health Infa Media also has the right to decide where advertisements should be shown on its many web pages.

Neither the offered items nor services are endorsed by our company.

Although advertising for products and services may appear on our site, our approval of any ad should not be construed as an endorsement of the advertised product or service or of the business that makes, distributes, or promotes it (s). The editorial staff at Health Infa Media has the right to assign a rating or ranking to specific goods or services. Without respect to any financial or advertising ties that may exist with firms that offer the product or service, the editorial team(s) decides on these ratings or rankings.

Certain kinds of advertisements will not be accepted by us.

Advertising that is factually incorrect or offensive will not be accepted. Pharmaceutical advertising is only permitted for recognised indications as defined by the FDA (FDA). There must be a market for advertised items, and they must be available at all times to customers. Health Infa Media will not allow any ads for hazardous, unlawful, or offensive items or services to be placed on the site. Ever. It is illegal for advertisements to include any content that is false or insulting, including any material that disparages or insults anyone based on their age, colour, national origin or religion. Ads should not include defamatory, libellous, slanderous, or threatening content. Ads for alcoholic beverages, guns, ammo, pyrotechnics, gambling, pornography, cigarettes, political campaigns, or simulations of breaking news or an emergency are all off-limits for consideration. Every ad must make clear who the advertiser is. If an advertising has the potential to be mistaken for editorial material, it will be labelled as such.

Ads and editorial material are properly separated by us.

In every case, we maintain a clear boundary between journalistic material and advertising. To avoid any confusion, all Health Infa Media commercials are explicitly labelled as such. Ads on Health Infa Media’s properties will direct users to an advertiser’s site or a sponsor’s information centre. The sponsoring organization’s name is shown on the resource center’s label to indicate that it is a sponsored resource.

We make it very apparent when a piece of content is sponsored and when it is not.

Companies, such as manufacturers and suppliers, that wish to partner with Health Infa Media can do so by becoming a sponsor. Healthcare services, drugs and treatments are constantly changing, and Health Infa Media is able to keep its consumers informed with the help of sponsorships. It is up to our editorial staff and the Medical Affairs team to vet advertiser-sponsored content to ensure it complies with our editorial guidelines. While we do our best to ensure that sponsored, co-created, or branded material is not mistaken for Health Infa Media’s own original editorial content, we can’t guarantee that our readers won’t make the same mistake. Advertisements that appear in the context of a piece of content are known as “native advertising.” All of Health Infa Media’s social media outlets are subject to advertising or sponsored content.

For the sixth time, we’ll be offering an affiliate programme (e-commerce links in Health Infa Media content)

During the writing process, our health and wellness editors will connect to things they believe our readers will find valuable. Health Infa Media may get a commission if you make a purchase at a retailer’s website within 24 hours of clicking on one of our links, even though all goods are chosen independently.

Our Partner programme content is distinguished from other content.

Working with companies or groups that share our vision for Health Infa Media is not unheard of. The goods, services, and organisations presented by Health Infa Media have been thoroughly vetted to ensure that they are beneficial to our readers and in their best interest. Content on these pages has not been medically vetted and Health Infa Media is not responsible for supplying any of the products or services that are mentioned. All partner material that doesn’t go through our usual editing process and adheres to these Ad and Sponsorship Policy rules will be identified accordingly. For products and services that Health Infa Media receives paid for, the following wording may be included on the page: “Health Infa and our partners may receive income if you purchase through a link above.” A “what’s this” link on a partner’s page might direct visitors to an explanation of the collaboration.